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WordCounter not only counts them but also shows you the top 10 keywords and their density in your text.

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Word Counter Unleashed: Your Secret Weapon for Better Writing




Hey there, fellow wordsmiths! Let's talk about Word Counter, the not-so-secret sauce to make your writing life a whole lot easier. If you've ever found yourself sweating over hitting that word count or worrying about losing your brilliant edits, this online tool at is your new best friend. But guess what? It's more than just a word counter – let's dive into the cool features that make it a game-changer.



Counting Words with a Side of Auto-Save


Ever been on the verge of a writing breakthrough, only to accidentally close the tab? Fear not! WordCounter's got your back with its Auto-Save feature. No more losing sleep over lost edits – your genius is safe and sound, even if you accidentally wander off and come back later.


Keywords, Keywords Everywhere


Now, let's talk keywords. WordCounter not only counts them but also shows you the top 10 keywords and their density in your text. Why does this matter? Well, it's like having a secret weapon for SEO. You get to see if you're overdoing it with certain words and ensure a perfect balance to keep your content sharp and engaging.



Details, Details, Details


Ever wonder how long it takes to read your masterpiece aloud? The Details overview in WordCounter spills the beans on the average speaking and reading time for your text. Plus, there's a nifty Reading Level indicator – it's like a sneak peek into the educational level your readers need to grasp your awesomeness.


Beyond the Basics: Improving Your Style


WordCounter isn't just about counting words; it's about making you a better writer. It gives you nudges on word choice and style, turning your rough draft into a polished gem. And hey, there's even an option to catch those pesky grammar mistakes and plagiarism – because who needs those in their life?


A Quick Disclaimer: We're Trying Our Best


Now, let's keep it real. WordCounter is on a mission for accuracy, but nobody's perfect. The disclaimer on the site is like our way of saying, "We got you, but there might be a hiccup now and then." So, use it as your trusty sidekick, knowing it's doing its best to guide you through the writing wilderness.


In a Nutshell


WordCounter is more than a counter; it's your writing companion. Whether you're a student, a storyteller, or a content creator, this tool is designed to make your life simpler and your writing sharper. So, bookmark that page, unleash your creativity, and let WordCounter do the heavy lifting – your words deserve it!