Why You Should Use Wordpress Automatic Plugin  ( Import Blog Content Automatically)

Why You Should Use Wordpress Automatic Plugin ( Import Blog Content Automatically)

Why You Should Use Wordpress Automatic Plugin 

( Import Blog Content Automatically)




What Is Wordpress Automatic Plugin and What Does it Do


Wordpress Automatic Plugin helps content creators to import any blog article or  post from different websites using an auto-pilot method into your wordpress website. This post from other websites is made available or imported automatically. You don’t need to do any work as this plugin will help to update your blog according to the frequency that you set it on.


A plugin is a software that extends the functionality of a wordpress website or blog. Think of this as a system of software that helps to add extra features or functions to your website. In our case here , using wp automatic plugin adds the functionality of helping you to import contents from different social and blogging platforms based on the instruction given to him according to the user choice


The user here is you that wants to purchase it for use on your platform. I know that you may be thinking about plagiarism or copyright issues , no worries as I will be addressing that later , just keep scrolling! Some people may call it a content syndication tool based on its function. Towards the end , I will provide you with a demo link that will enable you to test out this plugin incase, you are not convinced enough about the capability of this plugin.



How Does Wordpress Automatic Plugin Import Contents Into Your Wordpress Website


Wordpress automatic plugin does not only import contents from any website of your choice, it has an extended capability of importing content from popular platforms such as youtube and twitter by utilizing its API ( API is simply a gateway by which two or more computers communicate ). It achieves this through a scrapping module that scraps content from these platforms. 


The recent update on this plugin is the fact that you can import content through OpenAI which is popularly known as ChatGPT into your blog, making you to have unique content without plagiarism through the use of Artificial intelligence. 



The answer is yes, you can publish over 1000 post with this public in an hour. All you need is to first get the plugin which we gave a link to the official plugin author page at the end of this post and the next step is to set it up to run even when you are sleeping. To set it up is easy. 

After getting this plugin , you will be provided with an official step by step guide video on how to set-up this plugin and by that way you can set it up to publish 1000 post per hour. We also provide a demo link should incase you want to test it on our provided WordPress dashboard, it is free to do so. 

I have used it and have benefited from it. It is my sole responsibility to help content creators do better online and make more money. What you owe me is to spread this information so that others can benefit too. 

Benefits of Using Wordpress Automatic Plugin and What WP Automatic Can Do


There are lots of benefits and potentials attached to using this plugin on your wordpress website. I will be listing all the plugin benefits as well as its capacity to do the work that was intended to. 


1. Auto post from OpenAI GPT3 to WordPress


Wp automatic helps you to set  a certain keyword that you desire for your blog post. It will make a call through OpenAI API by finding a matching keyword and importing blog content. 


2. Auto post from RSS feeds to WordPress


Wordpress automatic plugin has an RSS feed feature  that enables you to  extract posts from various websites. The plugin has the capability to import complete content, including author information, tags, categories, and the option to designate a featured image.



3. Auto Post From Almost any web page to Wordpress


Wp automatic has a single-page scraper that can retrieve specific content from any given URL. It continuously monitors this content and copies it to create a new post or updates an existing post when changes occur.


4. Auto post from almost any website to WordPress


The Plugin has a multi-page scraper that has the capability to import numerous posts from any website. It additionally supports pagination, allowing you to import all posts from virtually any website.


5. Auto post Amazon products to WordPress


Retrieve products from Amazon based on keywords or browseNode. Enjoy comprehensive WooCommerce support, complete with product galleries and pricing. Automatic updates for prices and establishment of affiliate links are seamlessly integrated.


6. Auto post eBay products to WordPress


His Plugin Automatically imports items from eBay using keywords or seller information. Benefit from complete WooCommerce compatibility, featuring product galleries and pricing. Affiliate links are automatically configured for your convenience.



7. Auto Post Aliexpress Products To Wordpress


This plugin Automatically fetches products from AliExpress using either keywords or custom URLs. Enjoy comprehensive WooCommerce integration, including product galleries and pricing. Affiliate links are automatically configured for ease of use.



8. Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress


Wordpress Automatic plugin Automatically brings in products from ClickBank using keywords. The product description is imported from the source, and affiliate links are set automatically.


9. Auto Post from Envato to WordPress


This plugin helps you to Import from Envato markets such as CC & ThemeForest using keywords, tags, categories, or a specific seller. Affiliate links are automatically set for your convenience.


10. Auto Post Craigslist Listings to WordPress


With this plugin , you can automatically import listings from Craigslist. Simply add any CL URL, and the plugin will import all listings, automatically publishing them to your WordPress.


11. Auto Post from CareerJet to WordPress


You can Import jobs from CareerJet by keyword and, optionally, a specific location using the wordpress automatic plugin. Filter by period and contract type with extensive options.


12. Auto Post from Facebook to WordPress


It Automatically imports from Facebook pages, personal profiles, open or closed groups. Monitor and import any new post with advanced filtering options.


13. Auto Post from Twitter to WordPress


The plugin can automatically import contents from Twitter using keywords, hashtags, or specific profiles. Auto-publish new posts to your website with this WordPress auto poster plugin.


14. Auto Post from Instagram to WordPress


This plugin automatically imports contents from Instagram by keyword, hashtag, or a specific profile. Import comments and tags, choosing popular or recent items.


15. Auto Post from Pinterest to WordPress


Import Pinterest pins by keyword, board, or specific profile. Publish them directly to your website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.


16. Auto Post from Reddit to WordPress


Import Reddits from any Reddit URL by search, specific user reddits, or subreddit. Import comments, embed videos, and GIFs.


17. Auto Post Flickr Images to WordPress


Automatically import from Flickr by keyword, profile, or a specific album. Auto-set WordPress tags from image tags.


18. Auto Post YouTube Videos to WordPress


Post videos from YouTube by keyword, username, or a specific playlist. Auto-publish them to your website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.


19. Auto Post Vimeo Videos to WordPress


Post videos from Vimeo by keyword, username, channel, or a specific album. Auto-publish them to your website with this auto post WordPress plugin.


20. Auto Post DailyMotion Videos to WordPress


Post videos from DailyMotion by keyword, username, or a specific playlist. Auto-publish them to your website with this auto import WordPress plugin.


21. Auto Post SoundCloud Sounds to WordPress


Post audio from SoundCloud by keyword, username, or specific playlist. Auto-publish them to your website with this auto blog WordPress plugin.


22. Auto Post from iTunes to WordPress


Post anything from iTunes, including Music, Apps, Podcasts, eBooks, audio books, Movies, Tv shows, and more. Use this auto grabber WordPress plugin.


23. Auto Post Spintax to WordPress


If you have content in Spintax form, the plugin can generate multiple articles and auto-publish them to WordPress.


24. Auto Post TikTok Videos to WordPress Posts


Post videos from TikTok by hashtag or from a specific user. Set video hashtags as WordPress tags automatically and remove hashtags from the title or post content.


25. Auto Import Telegram Channel Posts to WordPress


Import posts from any Telegram channel. Set the desired post type (images/videos/text) to filter posts. Grab the original post author and set it as the WordPress author.


Where To Download Wordpress Automatic Plugin ( Where To Get Automatic Content Importing Wordpress Plugin)


Before you click the link below , it is very important to let you know that there are many online scammers who would offer to download this plugin free for hacking purposes . When you install such a plugin without buying from an official author website where you would obtain an owner license and qualify for regular plugin update and support, you put your website at risk of being hacked by these scammers and that of your users' information as your website grows. 


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How Do I Make Wordpress Automatic Plugin Work The way I want


Getting a wordpress automatic plugin is a step , putting it into good use is the most important step that you need to master and learn. People first or user centric Article is very difficult and here comes a wordpress plugin that can help you achieve more. Lets look at various features and important aspects of this plugin that you need to take note of.


  1. On Content Plagiarism : avoiding content plagiarism is one of the top considerations and steps you need to take note of when writing and publishing any content. Although we have a tool called Uburubot article rewriter that helps you to achieve this but what about the plugin part which you may not be on your workstation and in your case you would want to configure the wordpress automatic plugin to automatically rewrite your article for you once the article is imported into your website. In this case you can set up a spintext that comes with the plugin that enables you to automatically structure your imported post, strip off implicating contents , original post owner brand and links and replace them with your unique links for affiliate links, names, words and brands. This will make your article unique and catchy. Learn more when you visit this link : 


 2. This plugin enables you to save more on hiring professional writers and having to do keyword research with premium tools. Using this plugin will help you to select a campaign of your choice and its interval, this means that you can set the frequency of your post importing from any website as much as you like at a specific hour or time without having to open your website admin dashboard. This plugin does all for you.


3. From your set campaign , you can set-up a certain keyword that you want your article to focus on , in this case , the wordpress automatic plugin  only imports posts with such keyword rich content . This helps you to rank faster just like your competitors.


There are many benefits that come with this plugin , feel free to test the demo before purchasing if you are not convinced.













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